Thé Stay Capsule

  • Prize
    Interior Design of the Year - Interior Design
  • Company/Firm
    Cheng Pu Interior Design Ltd
  • Lead Designer
    Hsiao Cheng Chuang
  • Project Location
  • Client
    Thé Stay Capsule

The Stay is the first 24-hour airport hotel in Taiwan, located in Terminal 2 at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. It adopts a hostel format to maximize resting area within limited spaces. The design is inspired by the tea industry. "Thé" is "tea" in French, and the phonetic pronunciation in Taiwanese. From spatial design to accommodation experiences, tea culture is included.
Basic tone and color are both from tea. We use wooden texture, lines, shapes, and materials as design inspirations, and transform winding lines in tea farms into grids and matrixes.