Voyage Travel Awards: Interview with Lauren Wendle, President of the Lucie Foundation

March 5, 2021

What is VTA, Voyage Travel Awards?
The Voyage Travel Awards is a multidisciplinary travel award program recognizing and promoting talented creatives from around the world in the fields of photography, video , architecture and interior design.

Why launch a travel award program now?
Who doesn’t dream to travel today? Whether it is photography , video , architecture or interior design, travel captures our imagination and engages our creativity.

Why create a travel award program for photography, video , architecture and design?
Focusing on the same theme from various viewpoints, across multiple disciplines, brings diverse visual and intellectual perspectives to the same subject. Seeing travel from a photographers image and then an architect’s or interior designer’s vision is a multidisciplinary approach and provides more depth and context to a given subject.

Do I need to be a pro to enter?
If you are a seasoned pro or are an avid hobbyist, travel is a place where we can all hone our skills because the subjects are so alluring. Anyone can apply worldwide. All submissions must fall within the theme and appropriate category. Those entries submitted that do not fall within the theme/category will not be considered.

Is there a time period when the images, content needs to be captured or created?
Yes, content needs to be created between 2017-2021.

What kind of images are you looking for?
We are looking for the ultimate travel images in photography, video, architecture and design. The jury panel evaluates each project based on its creativity, originality, skill, spontaneity and if applicable form and function.

Who will be judging the work?
Top industry experts in all fields will jury and review each entry to determine the ultimate winners. Jury members will be listed on the website and updated frequently.

What will the Award Winners Receive?
We will celebrate the winners by producing online galleries and a book. Voyage: Travel Awards. We will be promoting winners and sponsors throughout the year via its website, social media, press and the local communities becoming an excellent platform to present work to new markets. In its inaugural year Voyage: The Ultimate Travel Awards for Creatives will be cross promoted through The Farmani Group properties and the corresponding established award programs: IDA – International Design Awards, IPA – International Photographers Awards and the Architecture MasterPrize. Email lists and social media followings are well established reaching a total of 150k +email , 80,000 +Facebook users and 50,000+instagram users. The award program will also be marketed through partners worldwide. In addition, prizes include a Voyage Trophy, cash prizes and much more. Go to for updated information.

When is the Deadline?
2021 launch and submission deadlines
Launch : April 15
Early Bird Deadline: June 25
Deadline: August 25

How do I submit work?