Julia Van Arsdale

Former Senior Photo Art Director at Airbnb / Creative Director

As a creative director, Julia has supported dozens of startups and businesses in San Francisco, New York, Seattle and Germany. She’s helped each of those businesses to tell their story through compelling striking visual design and photography.
As a Senior Art Director at Airbnb, she focused on high-end travel and launched a new, luxury tier on Airbnb. From exotic mansions in Beverly Hills to David Bowie’s house on the Island of Mustique, she led the art direction for shoots of some of the most unique, luxury homes around the world. She communicated with a global collection of photographers to set new benchmarks and defined the look of real estate photography for all of Airbnb. Her focus now is to scale the quality of Airbnb’s luxury tier to help each home on Airbnb to tell its unique story.
Born in Germany, Julia’s photography is heavily influenced by the Bauhaus design principles. Julia has travelled all over the world and strives to capture the uniqueness of each space. From torn down churches in Detroit to the barren community of the Salton Sea, she is particularly passionate about finding beauty in bizarre places.

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