Florian Berner

Weyell Berner Architekten / Co-Founder

Born in Germany, Florian studied architecture and urban planning at the University of Stuttgart. To understand various design approaches, he decided to work in different countries and cultures, such as Germany, Russia, Egypt, Ireland and Switzerland. In 2011 he founded WEYELL BERNER ARCHITEKTEN in Zurich with his partner Miriam Weyell. In each project he is looking for controversies and obstacles to use these singularities as a design catalyst. He planned the Green Marmot Capsule Hotel in Zurich, the first of its kind in Switzerland.
Florian is member of the Swiss society of architects and the Werkbund Suisse. Next to his work as an architect he is teaching architecture at the Bern University of Applied Sciences. He is lecturer, member of jury panels and advisory boards since 2013.

Current Jury