Claudia Tonaco

Editor Travel3 Media Platform / Radio Host / Founder

For the past 30 years, Claudia has travelled non-stop around the world. Sometimes she leaves home and comes back three or four continents later. Her passion for seeing different cultures and landscapes encouraged her to leave her architecture practice to become a travel writer.
Since 1993, she produces and hosts the first daily travel radio show in Brazil, ‘Viagens com Claudia Tonaco’, broadcast by BandNews FM all-news radio network.  Regardless of the type of adventure, she always shares her remarkable experiences with the audience. In 2004 she launched Travel3 Magazine, an award-winning and recognized media
platform for the Brazilian travel industry community.
Claudia currently works as an editor while learning carpentry in Toronto. She continues believing in the power of travel to change points of view, educate and transform people’s lives.

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