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Amy Lehfeldt

Senior Art Director/Getty Images / Senior Art Director

Born in Bangkok to two American ex-pats, Amy preferred party dresses paired with tights, despite the tropical climate.  Though she’s far more practical now, her dedication to style against all odds remains unabated.
A degree in fashion design led her to become a costumer for Disney/MGM, and was soon followed by a profusion of art direction and creative production assignments for clients in the fashion, retail, and food industries. She has overseen every aspect of commercial photography from conceptualization to set design and styling to pre and post-production, for brands and entities including Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Godiva, Chicago Magazine and Bon Appetit, as well as the world-renowned comedy troupe The Second City, sharing her guidance and visual expertise.
Since 2005,  Amy has served as a Senior Art Director for Getty Images where she has conceived and produced hundreds of shoots which span the gamut in terms of subject matter and production size, but which all share her impeccable eye for detail and strong sense of impact.  Her work has most recently been seen in international campaigns for global brands like Citibank, Johnson & Johnson, Verizon, Facebook, Bank of America, Cisco, AT&T, Dell Technologies, and Delta Airlines.
An intrepid traveler, she has extensive production experience throughout the U.S., Canada, Australia, South America, Mexico, and South Africa, and would happily add to that list.

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